Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Kumro Bhaate

I was cooking pumpkin in all sorts of Bengali styles, so why not a boiled pumpkin dish. In Bengali mashed steamed vegetables are called bhaate .The term literally means in rice and must have originated because very often these vegetables were traditionally steamed in the same pan in which the rice has cooked. The bhaate creates a delicious and a healthy accompaniment to plain steam white rice and daal. Try this dish for its simplicity and delectable taste. It is a healthy dish yet very palatable.


Pumpkin – 200 g
Potato -3 piece
Mustard oil – 1 spoon
Green chillies thinly sliced -2
Salt – as per taste 


Leave the pumpkin as large pieces. Put it in boiling water along with rice grains while cooking rice.
After rice is done, take out the pumpkin pieces and let it cool a bit.
Mash well with green chilli, mustard oil and salt.

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