Thursday, 20 August 2015

Cucumber Cup

There is a famous saying in India- "Dilli Dilwalo ki". Having spent more than a decade in the national capital, we  moved to Copenhagen. As they say, Delhi is for everyone, people from all parts of the country. It doesn’t have neither the weather nor the  culture of its own because it is a combination of all.     It is sizzling hot in summer, touching 45ºC while in winters it can be very foggy, chilly with mercury dipping to 2º C. The summers were a killer, one wouldn't feel the urge to eat, but who can stop a party animal like me. So, summers were mostly about a get together at home with least time being spent in the kitchen, for obvious reasons, but there always used to be a craving for something cool and healthy. This helped me discover my cool cool corn pomegranate cucumber cup recipe. Couldn't make it to India this time during the summers, but the European summer was around 30’s particularly for a week to ten days, but  nothing compared to the higher 40’s in Delhi. Few friends came over last week and I presented my Delhi summer speciality – the healthy appetizer or snacks. They liked it and hope you like it too.....

Servings : 3-4 persons per cucumber

Ingredients :
1. Cucumber – 1
2. Pomegranate  -2 Spoons
3. Corn – 4 spoons ( I used frozen corn )
4. Salad Dressing or Curd -1/2 Cup 
5. Salt – as per taste 

Method :

1. Wash and peel the cucumber. Cut it in to 1.5 inch long pieces. Using a small spoon or melon baller, scoop out the insides of the pieces to make a hollow cups of about 1 inch deep.
2. Sprinkle salt and cayenne pepper or paprika( mildly hot pepper )instead of cayenne on the pieces.
3. Take a bowl and mix pomegranate, corn & salad dressing. I used frozen corn. Those who are using fresh corn, should boil the corn in water till it is soft.
4. Instead of salad dressing, one can use curd also. Add chat masala and a pinch of sugar to the thick curd and mix it well to make the curd-sauce ready.
5. Place a dollop of the mixture inside the cucumber cups. It is ready to serve.
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