Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Mango Mousse

Mango had always been my favourite. In summer vacations during childhood,we used to go to our Grand Ma’s (Dimma) place. She had large mango trees in her garden. We, all the brothers and sisters used to climb the trees,  pluck mangoes – green or ripe. In the afternoon, Dimma used to sit with all of us, slice the mangoes of our choice. Now all those days are no more. I do not have mango trees in my house now.  Now, we have to buy mangoes from the market.  But the weakness for mango has been there inside, rather it has increased. Now, I do not only eat mangoes: but try to  prepare many things with it. Summer is here, and my first recipe this summer is ‘Mango Mousse  
It is very very easy to make, not many ingredients and doesn’t take too much time too. My recipe has no gelatine. 

- 6  persons


1. Mango pulp (1 cup )
2. White chocolate – chopped ( 1 cup)
3. Fresh cream (1/2 cup)
4. Whipping cream (1/2 cup) with or without sugar
5. Chocolate chips or black grapes (as required) for garnishing 
6. Sugar ( ¼ cup) if whipping cream is not already mixed with sugar


1. Pour  fresh cream into a non-stick pan and then heat it
2. Once the fresh cream starts boiling, add it to the chopped white chocolate and mix it till all the chocolate melts. Allow it to cool.
3. While the above mixture cools down, take the whipping cream. If whipping cream has no sugar, add ¼ cup of sugar. Use a hand blender or wire whisker to whip the mixture
4. Now . add 1 cup of  mango pulp on to the cooled down mixture of fresh cream & chocolate. This needs to be mixed well slowly with the help of a spoon.
5. Add the whipped cream to the above mixture and mix it. This mixing will be like folding the cream into the mixture very slowly and carefully so that the mixture doesn’t lose the air. This whipping cream adds texture, lightness and fluffiness to the mousse.  
6. With the help of piping bags, you can now pour the above mixture into shot glasses. 
7. Now, the shot glasses need to be kept in a refrigerator for 15-20 minutes
8. Take out before serving, garnish it with chocolate chips or black grapes, as you may like.

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